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Modern Technology for Elevated Care

Dentistry Designed For You

With the latest technology, we can diagnose, plan, and treat with efficiency and accuracy, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for you.

Digital Smile Design

Your Dream Smile simulation

You deserve a smile that you love. See and experience your new smile before committing through our Digital Smile Design.

3M Attest Sterilization

Peace of Mind

We prioritize the safety of our patients. Utilizing the 3M Attest sterilization enables the fastest safety quality control in all dentistry. This allows us to reliably and consistently provide the highest standard of care that our patients expect and deserve.

Livewell Dental 3D printing dental equipment

3D Printing Technology

Dreams Finally Within Reach

Virtual treatment planning, diagnostic wax-ups, and highly detailed replicas are 3D printed in-office. Using this truly personalized fabrication technology, we can create your dream smile.

Concentrated Growth Factor Therapy

Accelerated Healing

Speed up the natural healing process by utilizing performance-enhancing growth factors drawn from your blood. This product has been widely used in medicine for over a decade and is now available at Livewell Dental to reduce post-surgical complications and decrease the risk of infection. Our patients report more comfort immediately following the procedure!

EMS Airflow

Teeth cleaning redefined: modern Comfort

This is the next big thing in teeth cleaning! With this state-of-the-art system from Switzerland, your teeth are cleaned with little to no discomfort. Using the combination of warm water, all-natural erythritol powder, and air, plaque, calculus, and stains are gently but effectively removed from the tooth surfaces. Experience a better clean with EMS Airflow.

Digital intraoral scanning

we've gone digital!

No more goop! Gone are the days of messy impressions. This hand-held device can effortlessly digitize your entire mouth in minutes and to make your visit more comfortable and time-efficient.

Livewell Dental dental equipment

3D CBCT Imaging

Precise Diagnostics

We use advanced technology to generate 3D images for more precise diagnosis and treatment planning. Combined with our digital workflow, you can experience predictable and efficient treatments while avoiding complications.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Rapid Results

Achieve a brighter smile in just one visit. Using specialized LED light, Zoom accelerates the process of whitening and reversing stains from aging, food, and drinks. Experience amazing results at Livewell Dental.

Livewell Dental dental equipment
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